Symptoms: discolored urine, puffy eyes, headache and high blood pressure.

Home care:
Most cases of nephritis are mild and pass unnoticed. If the symptoms are marked enough to be recognizable, the child requires medical attention.

- If the child's eyes are puffy, or the urine is scanty and dark, the child may have nephritis.
- If symptoms of nephritis are pronounced enough to be noticed, take the child to the doctor.
- Nephritis usually follows a strep infection. Watch for the condition to follow a strep throat or impetigo, even if the infection is being treated with antibiotics.

There are many forms of nephritis, or inflammation of the kidneys, but the form that is most common in children usually follows a streptococcal infection such as strep throat, scarlet fever, or streptococcal impetigo. The first symptoms of nephritis develop one to three weeks after the onset of a strep infection, and these symptoms are usually mild. In fact, most cases of nephritis probably go unnoticed (or undiagnosed) and pass without treatment. Occasionally, however, nephritis starts abruptly and the illness is severe. Most children recover completely from nephritis, but a few develop chronic kidney disease.





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