Young Harris College - A two year liberal arts college, Young Harris was founded in 1886 through the efforts of a circuit-riding Methodist minister. The financial contributions of Judge Young L. G. Harris of Athens enabled the school (originally named McTyeire Institute) to survive its early years, and its name was changed to honor its greatest benefactor.

From its beginning Young Harris was more than just a school for young men and women of the mountains. It was, and is, an institution striving to educate the total person by a blending of mind, body, and spirit. Later the small town of McTyeire where the college was located was also changed to Young Harris by an act of the Georgia Legislature.

Today students are drawn from over 100 counties in Georgia, from the southeast, and from foreign countries. Its graduates include the Honorable Governor Zell Miller, former Commissioner of Industry and Trade, George Berry; the Georgia poet, Byron Herbert Reece, and others. The broad based, basic curriculum enables graduates to continue on to bachelors degrees and beyond. Extracurricular and athletic activities round out the educational experience of the 550 students.

Young Harris College offers to the public musical and theatrical performances, planetarium shows, guest lecturers and special programs. All of this, in a setting of incomparable beauty, keeps alumni and friends financially and spiritually devoted to Young Harris College.

The Institute for Continuing Learning at Young Harris College is an adult education center affiliated with century-old Young Harris College. It is a member of an expanding Elderhostel Institute Network which offers programs at more than 150 campuses nationwide. From aerobics to writing, the Institute continually reviews the curriculum and expands the schedule. IFCL offers a new span of courses every quarter commencing in January, April, June, and September. Most course classes meet two hours weekly for eight weeks; summer quarter is six weeks. Dues are $25 per person or $40 per couple and tuition is $15 per course; $10 for the Summer quarter. For more information call 706-896-4163 or write ICL, Young Harris College, P.O. Box 68, Young Harris, GA 30582.

Towns County Comprehensive School - Aside from the scenic and peaceful atmosphere, TCCS enjoys a crime-free environment and very few discipline problems, a fact which contributes to a high-quality education. Iowa Test of Basic Skills scores are repeatedly among the highest in the state and above the national average. The percentage of graduates continuing their education is 90% and above. TCCS was recently recognized as a National Model School by the Jostens Learning Corporation for effective use of technologically enhanced learning. TCCS has been recognized several times in the past for its effective implementation of innovative education initiatives. Students are introduced to computers as early as kindergarten with computers located in every classroom throughout the school. Through computer networking, students from K-12 have access to data from around the world through the Internet.

The success of Towns County High School graduates can be attributed to the enormous amount of support the community exhibits for its students and programs at the school. The Towns County Community has high expectations for all students, including but not limited to high achievement and effective classroom instruction from the teachers. Towns County High School students continue to score in the top five percent on state graduation tests including number one rankings in three of the five areas on the Georgia High School Graduation Test. TCHS students also score above the state average on SAT tests, with overall student score increasing with each graduating class.

With approximately 270 students in grades nine through 12, the high school offers a wide range of options for its students. TCHS students may select from either two options of programs of study, which include a college preparation program and a technology/career preparatory program. Students who plan to attend college may take advanced level courses on campus, which include AP classes in English and Mathematics or they may enroll in classes at Young Harris College through the Post-Secondary Options program (PSD) which is a state approved program for advanced level students. Those students who participate in the PSO program earn both high school and college course credit toward graduation.

Students who pursue a technology/career preparation program (vocational) beginning in the 2000-01 school year, have many more options from which to choose. The technology/career (vocational) program choices include studies in Construction, Health Occupations, Business Graphics and Practices, Culinary Arts, Hotel and Restaurant Management and Certified Customer Services Technology. The vocational programs have been expanded through a collaborative effort between Towns County High School and North Georgia Technical College.

The construction program has been increased to a full-time program which will allow the students to take a variety of courses at different times of the school day with each course in the program focusing on a concentration area of building and construction. Students who are interested in pursuing the building trades as their post-graduation career choice have access to a technical college level course offered to juniors and seniors through North Georgia Technical College. This class is offered at the Towns County High School campus. The technical college provides the faculty members and necessary support for the program.

In addition, TCHS students may enroll in the newly created program of Culinary Arts which is offered by North Georgia Technical College, and caught on the TCHS campus. Students who enroll in this program or class earn 15 credit hours toward their technical school diploma program and credit toward their high school graduation requirements.

The high school offers a variety of extra curricular activities including numerous clubs and both varsity and B-team football, basketball, baseball, tennis, golf, soccer, cross country, and softball.

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