Industrial Park

Transportation Accessibility

Mode                     Name              Proximity (Miles)

Roadways:   State/US Highway 515           11

                  Interstate Highway 575         70

Airports:      Local                     Blairsville                    15 (3,800 ft. runway)

                 Commercial Airport   Atlanta-Hartsfield        117 (11,889.00 ft. runway)

                 Commercial Airport   Lovell – Chattanooga   106 (7,400 ft. runway)

Comments: GA 515 is a multi-lane highway down to Interstate-575



Type      Provider                            Main Size (Inches)    Proximity (Miles)

Water:     Towns County W&S Authority    6 (looped)              On Site

Sewer:     City of Hiawassee                    8                          On Site

Electricity:   Blue Ridge Mountain EMC (three-phase, dual feed onsite)



Development Stage:   Industrial Park     Fire Rating:   7

Zoning:     None         Protective Covenants:   Yes

General:   Is part of a joint Industrial Park plan with Clay County, NC and is the first of its kind to span two State lines. Federal grant and low-interest loans are available.   

Some important facts:

  • Clay and Towns Counties have the lowest local tax rates of any counties in their respective states.
  • Clay and Towns Counties are strategically located in the heart of the Southeast. This central location, with transportation connections to major markets both in the US and abroad, puts industries in close proximity to suppliers, distributors, and customers.
  • Both Towns and Clay County have partnered in a major industrial/technology park to save taxpayer dollars, to maximize industrial recruitment efforts, and to gain access to special funding sources, which will prove lucrative to interested industries.
  • Several key organizations agencies have partnered in order to make the Clay-Towns Park a success. These partners include: Towns County Industrial Development Authority (IDA), Blue Ridge Mountain EMC, NC Department of Commerce (NCDOC), Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism (GDITT), Georgia Mountains Regional Development Council (RDC), Southeast Industrial Development Authority (SEIDA), Advantage West North Carolina, Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), and the Clay County Economic Development Committee.
  • The Clay-Towns Park has attracted federal attention from the Economic Development Administration (US-EDA) and the Appalachian Regional Commission (ARC), two agencies that are well positioned to provide funds for industrial development.



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